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(Financial Resources) 

Article 14 - Finance

1.     The financial resources are the following:

a.  Membership dues and contributions. The Board shall decide the level of membership fees; the Secretariat may enter into arrangements with members unable to pay the full amount of fees.

b.  Return from manifestations such as gala events or any other sources of revenue within the law including investments approved by the Board.

c.  Unconditional grants and donations, whether financial or "in kind", such grants and donations are to be approved by the Board without prejudice on the Organisation's independence or liberty of decision-making.

2.      The Board shall fix the fiscal year.

3.      On contractual matters the collective signature of two members that were duly appointed as signatory by the Board shall be binding for the organisation.

4.      In case the DPDC ceases to exist, its assets alone shall be held liable to meet any financial obligations incurred in the running of its activities.

5.      Any funds remaining after dissolution of the association have to be donated to an institution exempted from tax with the same or a similar goal setting. A distribution to the members is impossible.

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