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(Organs and Mechanisms) 

Article 7 - the Organs are the following:

1.     The General Assembly
2.     The Board
3.     The Executive Secretariat 

Article 8 - The General Assembly

1.     The General Assembly, hereinafter to be referred to as the Assembly, is the sovereign and highest decision-making body of the DPDC and shall be convened at least once every two years at a venue to be determined by the Board.

2.     The Assembly is composed of those members who dully filled membership applications and received acceptance notification thereof. Only members who have paid their membership dues till the end of the previous financial year represented by authorized persons may exercise voting and other rights at the Assembly.

3.     The Assembly shall:

        a. Discuss and adopt the general policy guidelines, projects and methods of work.
Discuss and approve the budget and activity reports prepared by the Board.
        c. Elect members of the Board. 

Article 9 - The Board

1.      The Board elected according to article 8, sub-article 3 (c) of this Chapter is the main policy maker, advisory and supervisory organ of the DPDC. It is to formulate, implement and execute policies and projects approved by the Assembly.

2.      The Board is to be composed of five (05) elected members. It may appoint up to two (02) additional individuals to its membership. Appointed members should be persons of special quality, experience or knowledge in the area of the DPDC competence.

3.      The Board shall designate members of the Executive Secretariat from its elected members.

4.      The Board may appoint advisors (Patrons) for advice and consultation. These should be eminent persons of wisdom and outstanding achievements in society.

5.      The Board shall appoint and decide the condition of services of the executive officer(s) and other staff members.

6.      The Board shall issue the necessary internal rules and directives to organize the work of the organisation.

7.      The members of the Board of the association work voluntary and have in principal only a right of compensation of their effective expenses and cash expenditure. For extraordinary performances of individual members of the board an adequate compensation may be effected. 

Article 10 - Officers

In the first meeting following its election, the Board shall designate/appoint the following Officers:

1.      A Chairperson
A Vice-Chairperson
A Treasurer
An Executive Director
5.      A Secretary 

Article 11 - The Executive Secretariat

1.      The Executive Secretariat, hereinafter the Secretariat, is to be composed of the Officers stated in Article 10 of this

2.      The Secretariat shall be responsible for the coordination of the activities of the DPDC and shall act with all the authority of the DPDC between sessions of the Assembly.

3.      The Secretariat shall make arrangement for the maintenance of a Secretariat/Office to be in charge of the general administration of the activity of the DPDC.

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