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                                        (Name, Status and Objectives)

Article 1 - Name

The name of the organization is the Darfur Peace and Development Centre, hereinafter, (DPDC).

Article 2 - Legal Status

The DPDC is an independent, impartial and apolitical not-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) as defined by Article 60 and the following Articles of the Swiss Legal Code (ZGB).

The association does not pursue any commercial purpose and does not strive for a profit.

Article 3 - Portfolio

The DPDC is conceived as a membership organization, which unites individuals from all parts of the world. The DPDC also accords membership to civil society organizations and peoples groups, which subscribe to its objectives and/or pursue similar activities in the Darfur region.

Article 4 - Registration and Head Office

The DPDC is a Charity Organisation based in Zurich, Weststrasse 168 (c/o Mukhtar Fadul), Kanton of Zurich, Switzerland with activities, work relationship and partners all over the world.

Article 5 - Objectives

The overall objectives of the DPDC are the following:

1.    To help lift the human suffering to which the overwhelming majority of the people in the Darfur region fell victims through the advocacy of a process of healing, emancipation, atonement and reconciliation of the victims of atrocities and violations of human rights.

2.    To serve as a resource and information centre as well as a network for broad dialogue and joint action among community and civil society organisations and other institutions in Darfur and the Diaspora with a view to advocating a culture of peace, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among the different ethnic groups that live in Darfur.

3.    To help the efforts to create a healthy environment where all the people of Darfur and Sudan, without discrimination or distinction on any ground, enjoy all their rights and fundamental freedoms in liberty and respect for the dignity and development of the human person and in which restoration of the rule of law and just and equitable accountability are upheld and observed.

4.    To advocate and support local, national, regional and international efforts especially those of the UN and its family of specialized agencies targeting to introduce sustainable development projects in the Darfur region, arrest potential armed conflicts through peaceful means, and to help maintain and preserve peace and security of person as well as establishing a democratically vibrant and economically prosperous society in the Darfur region.

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We encourage you to support the campaign of Collectif Urgence Darfour to bring the President of Sudan, Omar al Bashir, to justice. Bashir is subject to an international arrest warrant for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, extermination, forced transfer, torture, rape, and genocide.

Watch the compelling videos and sign the petition: