Sonntag, 24 März 2019
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WHEREAS it is the inherent right of all peoples in the world to live in peace and security of person and that they are endowed with the right to enjoy an adequate standard of living, equally they are entitled to fully and unconditionally enjoy their human rights and fundamental freedoms as guaranteed by the Charter of the United Nations Organisation (UN), the Universal Bill of Human Rights and the relevant body of international and regional human rights law,

AND WHEREAS despite ongoing efforts of many governments and international organisations and agencies to fulfil these objectives still millions of people in different parts of the world continue to face serious threats to their safety and security of person and that such people live in abject poverty, underdevelopment, fear, instability, ignorance, and misery lacking basic necessities indispensable for the human dignity, well-being and sane human development,

AND WHEREAS the Darfur region, western Sudan, has been facing serious social problems caused by historical injustices and underdevelopment which currently degenerated into a destructive human tragedy characterized by systematic and massive violations of human rights that amount to ethnic cleansing against the African tribes of the region and which manifest itself by civil and social unrest as well as armed conflicts that claimed the lives of thousands of people and rendered many more people destitute as a result of the organised plunder and destruction of their livelihood and wealth,

AND WHEREAS some of the root causes of the conflict in the region are manmade, others are directly linked to natural disasters that hit some parts of the regions as well as the lack of suitable and effective sustainable development projects to mitigate the effects of natural calamites and arrest their by products such as desertification and ecological degradation,

AND WHEREAS the current humanitarian situation in Darfur requires mobilization of material and human resources from all peace-loving people in all parts of the world and that such individuals and groups need to rally behind efforts to help contain potential armed conflicts in the region, tackle the root causes of these conflicts and to address the grievances of the victims and provide them with relief, atonement and comfort.

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We encourage you to support the campaign of Collectif Urgence Darfour to bring the President of Sudan, Omar al Bashir, to justice. Bashir is subject to an international arrest warrant for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, extermination, forced transfer, torture, rape, and genocide.

Watch the compelling videos and sign the petition: