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From 21.04.2012: Consult Newschannels directly / Ab 21.04.2012: Direkt zu den Nachrichtenkanälen
2012-04-20 (SF) - Sudan droht offen mit Krieg: Peking besorgt
2012-04-20 (Amnesty) - The human rights crisis behind the political spat
2012-04-20 (Radio Dabanga) - 8 displaced women raped in South Darfur, eastern Chad camps
2012-04-19 (ICG) - Preventing Full-Scale War between Sudan and South Sudan
2012-04-18 (Radio Dabanga) - Kalma situation deteriorating from lack of food
2012-04-18 (Radio Dabanga) - Zam Zam suffering increasing as water pumps fail
2012-04-18 (Enough Project) - Uncertainty remains for thousands of southerners in the north
2012-04-18 (Radio Dabanga) - Price continue to rise across Darfur
2012-04-17 (Amnesty) - ‘We can run away from bombs, but we can’t run away from hunger’
2012-04-17 (Radio Dabanga) - 5,000 South Sudanese forced out of Darfuri camp
2012-04-16 (Radio Dabanga) - Women call for end to systematic rape in Darfur
2012-04-12 (Radio Dabanga) - Series of rape crimes throughout Darfur
2012-04-12 (UN SC) - Security Council demands end to cross-border clashes, force redeployment
2012-04-12 (OHCHR) - Sudan: High Commissionner condemns inflammatory statements by official
2012-04-12 (Radio Dabanga) - Zalingei camps suffer from lack of water
2012-04-11 (Radio Dabanga) - Women from camp Bear Dagig raped by gunmen
2012-04-10 (Radio Dabanga) - Farsha of Morney: no voluntary return of refugees to Nuri
2012-04-09 (Radio Dabanga) - Two women from Armenkol camp raped by militia
2012-04-06 (Reuters) - S.Sudanese face uncertain future in north next week
2012-04-07 (UNHRC) - Pillay condemns inflammatory statements by official
2012-04-05 (UN News) - Comments by Sudanese official could lead to further violence, warns UN
2012-04-05 (Pulitzer Center) - Untold Consequences of a Hidden War
2012-04-04 (Radio Dabanga) - Poor conditions for disabled residents in Dereig camp
2012-04-04 (PHR) - Medical evidence of widespread torture in Darfur released by PHR in PLoS Medicin
2012-04-04 (Radio Dabanga) - Five Mornei residents taken to hospital after militia attack
2012-04-04 (Radio Dabanga) - Camp leaders in eastern Chad deny voluntary return to Darfur
2012-04-02 (VoA) - US wants Sudan to open humanitarian access to area
2012-04-02 (Radio Dabanga) - Severe shortages of drinking water in Abu Suruj camp
2012-04-02 (Radio Dabanga) - 7,000 flee after government forces raze villages in North Darfur
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We encourage you to support the campaign of Collectif Urgence Darfour to bring the President of Sudan, Omar al Bashir, to justice. Bashir is subject to an international arrest warrant for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, extermination, forced transfer, torture, rape, and genocide.

Watch the compelling videos and sign the petition: